Commitment to Truthfulness


More and more we are being called to speak our truth. Yoga philosophy, wether on and off your mat,  gives us direction for daily living called the Yamas & Niyamas. One particular Yama that has been speaking loudly to me lately is the one called Satya. 

Satya, simply, is the commitment to Truthfulness

How, at any given moment, are you creating your truth? This type of truth has the ability to change, evolve and morph into new truths based on one’s personal awareness. This path towards truthfulness engages us to look at ourselves and update our beliefs, our values and our views as needed to stay completely present and honest with ourselves.

This yama also includes forgiveness; of yourself and others, breathing and letting go. Each person is on their own journey living their own personal truth. Acceptance is key here and a good time to practice compassion and non-judgment to our fellow humans. No matter how “right” or ”wrong” you perceive them to be.  Furthermore, the compassion of non-violence keeps our truthfulness from becoming a personal weapon. 

Can you be your authentic self and let go of your daily "mask"? Oh man, that would take a lot courage!  To "show up" as who you REALLY are? This in itself can be the biggest challenge of all. So what are you so afraid of? What might life look like if you were willing to connect with your truth in every moment?

Owning my feelings has become a big part of my truth. Understanding them. Not making myself, or anyone else for that matter, wrong for feeling them.  I find my feelings are a huge part of my connection to SELF. They are like the northern star.  Guiding me to through a landscape of obstacles leading me towards my need for balance, understanding and acceptance.Everyday I am shown this why listening to my inner voice.  This can be so difficult!  But, by listening we change, grow, love and move on. Contemplation and exploration of this truth is what propels me to seek the need for self-realization. This  universal truth never seem to change. Understanding and living them is a life goal.  And this, to me, is a huge foundation in my practice of yoga. 

So...What is your truth?

Susan White