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Buti Yoga @ Toronto Yoga and Wellness Show

  • ENERCARE CENTRE, HALL C Exhibition Place 100 Princes' Boulevard Toronto, ON, M6K 3C3 Canada (map)


Buti® classes utilize spiral structure technique® to facilitate the release + toning of the body - physical, emotional and energetic.  Through primal movement, dynamic asana and cardio-sprints, students breakdown the emotional barriers that hold them back from achieving self-love and true human connection. Buti® your soulmate yoga based workout.  Bring your yoga practice to life and Sweat with Intention. 


Yoga is not about who can stand on their head the longest.  It’s not about who can twist like a pretzel, and it’s definitely not about who has the most expensive outfit and the trendiest accessories.  It might mean something different for everyone.  We started this show because we know there is room for every single body in the yoga community.  Whether you are new to it, or you’ve been a part of it for years, you are all welcome and thrilled you could join us this year.

A big part of yoga is intention setting.  Whether your intention is to find space in your every day to meditate, or to learn to be a little kinder or a little more patient.  Maybe your intention is just to learn to live a healthier lifestyle and you don’t know where to start.  You are at the right place!  There is a wonderful support network under one roof.  Talk to the exhibitors.  Meet people.  And of course shop, taste the food, participate in the classes, try new things and explore!  There is a lot to see at the Yoga & Wellness Show – so take your time, and enjoy!


Every year the Toronto Yoga & Wellness Show likes to sponsor a charity who holds the same values as we do, and this year we are excited to announce the New Leaf Foundation as our charity of choice.

New Leaf Foundation is an innovator in Canada supporting the mental, emotional and physical well-being of youth in marginalized communities. They offer programming that utilizes yoga and mindfulness-based practices to support youth and their caregivers in fostering emotional regulation and resilience.

Their unique approach creates a web of support through long-term front line programs in priority schools, alternative education initiatives, low-income communities and youth justice settings, as well as training opportunities for young leaders and youth caregivers.

They are dedicated to bringing mindfulness and yoga-based tools into spaces that are least-served and often most stigmatized, increasing access to positive resources for youth who face violence, neglect, poverty, and marginalization, providing an opportunity to build resilience, self-empowerment, and leadership.